Friends With Benefits Quotes Funny

“Friends with benefits: where Netflix and chill meets ‘yeah, we’ll see where this goes’.”

“We’re like the dynamic duo of sarcasm and shenanigans, with benefits.”

“Friends with benefits: because sometimes, love is just too mainstream.”

“We’re basically like a DIY relationship kit-assemble your own emotions!”

“We’re the friendship equivalent of a bonus track on an album.”

“Friends with benefits: for those who prefer hugs over labels.”

“We’re like the Avengers of casual affection, saving each other from boredom.”

“Just call us the unofficial ambassadors of ‘hanging out with benefits’.”

“We’re like two peas in a pod, if peas occasionally hooked up.”

“Our friendship is like a treasure chest–open for exploration, with bonuses inside.”

“Friends with benefits: where laughter and lust coexist in perfect harmony.”

“Consider us the unofficial mascots of ‘keeping it casual’.”

“Our friendship is like a choose-your-own-adventure book, with steamy plot twists.”

“Think of us as the directors’ cut of platonic relationships.”

“Friends with benefits: because life is too short for complicated love stories.”

“Our friendship is the VIP pass to each other’s hearts, with exclusive perks.”

“Consider us the pioneers of the ‘friendship plus’ model.”

“We’re like the secret ingredient in each other’s recipe for happiness.”

“Friends with benefits: because sometimes, love needs a little extra.”

“Friends with benefits: because who says you can’t have it all?”

“We’re like the remix of traditional relationships–with a little extra spice.”

“Friends with benefits: where cuddles and chemistry collide.”