I Know You’re Lying But Continue Quotes

“You’re spinning tales again, I see. Carry on, fiction master.”

“Your nose isn’t growing, but go on, Pinocchio.”

“I can smell the fibs from a mile away, but by all means, keep going.”

“Keep painting those imaginary scenarios. Picasso would be proud.”

“The truth may be elusive, but your lies are crystal clear. Proceed with your storytelling.”

“Your stories have more twists than a rollercoaster. Do continue, thrill-seeker.”

“Your words dance like fiction, but the show must go on.”

“Your tales are as transparent as glass, but I’ll humor you. Keep on narrating.”

“I could fact-check you in a heartbeat, but your imagination is far more entertaining. Keep spinning those yarns.”

“Your stories are like a labyrinth of deceit, but I’ve brought my mental map. Lead the way, storyteller.”

“Your lies are the building blocks of a shaky house of cards. Nevertheless, build on.”

“Your words dance on the line between truth and fiction, but I’m enjoying the performance. Proceed with your choreography.”

“I’ve heard better excuses from a child with chocolate on their face. Carry on, wordsmith.”

“Your lies are as transparent as water, but I’ll swim in them nonetheless. Keep pouring.”

“In the theater of deceit, your performance deserves a standing ovation.”

“You weave tales with silver tongues, but I’m the master of unraveling.”

“Your fabrications are like a tangled web, but I’m caught in its intrigue. Keep spinning.”

“Your lies are the melody, and I’m intrigued to hear the next verse.”

“In the labyrinth of deception, your words are the map to nowhere.”

“Your words are like puzzle pieces, and I’m determined to solve the mystery.”

“Each lie you tell is a chapter in the book of your deceitful narrative.”

“Your story spins like a web, intricate yet transparent to those who see.”

“In the symphony of deception, your words play the leading role.”

“Your lies are the stars in your constellation of deceit.”

“Your lies are the bricks, but the foundation crumbles beneath.”