97 Best Sadhguru Quotes About Life, Love and Relationships

Sadhguru Quotes About Life :- Dive into the profound wisdom of Sadhguru, a visionary mystic, spiritual leader and renowned author, through this captivating collection of inspirational quotes. Sadhguru’s teachings cover a wide range of topics, including spirituality, inner transformation, mindfulness, and the exploration of human potential.

As you explore Sadhguru’s teachings, you will gain valuable insights about the nature of existence, the power of self-awareness, and the importance of finding inner peace amid life’s challenges. Whether you are seeking guidance regarding relationships, success, or simply a deeper understanding of yourself, these quotes will provide profound perspectives that can have a profound impact on your journey.

Sadhguru Quotes

1. “If you want to know the nature of existence, it is the greatest joke.”

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2. “Life is a process of constant expansion and growth. It is limitless in its possibilities.”

3. “Your physical health, your psychological well-being, your social situations, and everything else is determined by how you are within yourself.”

4. “Don’t chase happiness, but raise your perception and live intensely.”

5. “The only way to experience true well-being is to turn inward. That’s what yoga means—not up, not out, but in.”

6. “You don’t need to do great things, just do small things with great love.”

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7. “If you choose to be pleasant in every moment, you will be a source of joy and happiness to everyone around you.”

8. “What you call ‘myself’ is only a certain amount of information.”

9. “When your happiness depends on what is happening outside of you, you are constantly living as a slave to the external situation.”

10. “The most beautiful moments in life are those when you are expressing your happiness, not when you are looking for it.”

Sadhguru Quotes On Struggle Life

1. “Don’t be serious about your life – it’s just a play.”

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2. “The most important aspect of life is that it is finite.”

3. “If you want to know the joy of activity, the first and foremost thing is to know how to engage yourself in activity beyond yourself.”

4. “Right now, the only thing you have control over is your actions.”

5. “The quality of your life depends on how well you manage your body, mind, emotions and energies.”

6. “You cannot exist without the universe. You are not a separate existence; you are an embedded life.”

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7. “When you are truly blissful, you don’t need any special reason. Bliss is a natural phenomenon, it just bubbles up.”

8. “If you are constantly aware that you are mortal, you will handle life’s situations with the utmost ease and efficiency.”

9. “If you resist change, you resist life.”

10. “You don’t have to do anything to be spiritual. You just have to live in such a way that your soul shines.”

Sadhguru Quotes About Life

1. “Fear is only because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind.”

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2. “Your body and mind should work for you, not you for them.”

3. “You are life, and you are here to live life, not suffer it.”

4. “Mysticism is not a philosophy, it is a science to experience the ecstasy of existence.”

5. “The only thing that stands between you and your well-being is one simple fact: You have allowed your thoughts and feelings to take direction from outside rather than from within.”

6. “It is not the quantity of action but the depth of experience that makes life rich and complete.”

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7. “You don’t need to do anything for the divine to happen. Just make yourself available.”

8. “What people are usually calling ‘love’ is just a mutual benefit scheme. ‘I love you, you love me – it works.'”

9. “This moment is a rare moment, and you must use it.”

10. “Bhakti is that quality within you where you are experiencing the pangs of separation, and you are trying to unite.”

Sadhguru Maharaj Inspirational Quotes Image

1. “The purpose of life is not happiness, it is utility.”

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2. “Fear, anger and stress are poisons that you create in your body. If you take control of your body, they will disappear.”

3. “The whole effort of the spiritual process is to break through the boundaries that you have drawn for yourself and to experience the vastness that is you.”

4. “Once you have no expectation of what you need from the world, every moment is a miracle.”

5. “The only way to control people is with love.”

6. “The life within you cannot be unpleasant. It is pleasant.”

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7. “It is your choice what you are thinking and feeling in this moment.”

8. “The universe is not human-centric; we are just a small phenomenon on this planet.”

9. “All that you know, all that you are, is just a question of how deep you are willing to go in life.”

10. “If you sit here and see everything as it is, you will become peace.”

Karma Quotes By Sadhguru Ji

1. “When you let life happen instead of trying to make it happen, you will know what it means to be alive.”

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2. “If you want to explore the infinity of the universe, you must be prepared to explore the infinity of yourself.”

3. “Happiness is not an end in itself. It is the result of realizing that you are not the center of the universe.”

4. “The only reason you think you are not a meditator is because you have not yet come in touch with your intelligence.”

5. “Once you have no expectation of what you need from the world, every moment is a miracle.”

6. “Faith is not a cushion for rest. It is a ladder to growth.”

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7. Wisdom is like a knife; The faster, the better. However, you can only slice with a knife—you can’t sew with it.”

8. “If you look at everything in a loving and joyful way, you will see that life becomes a celebration.”

9. “When you’re in a very powerful position, you naturally do what’s needed.”

10. “If you are in touch with the natural elements within and around you, you will never be unhealthy.”

Sadhguru Quotes About Gods

1. “The whole process of yoga is to give of oneself.”

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2. “When you are happy, you do not need a reason, it is a quality of your innermost being.”

3. “Yoga is a way of living. It is a means to well-being and ultimate liberation.”

4. “If you put aside your pride, you will be tremendously helped by life within and around you.”

5. “Bhakti is that dimension within you where there is no such thing as ‘me’ and ‘you’.”

6. “When there is pain, sadness or anger, it is time to look within, not around you.”

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7. “You are not a being; you are a process.”

8. “You are a natural seeker of truth, everything else is just a toy.”

9. “Fear is only because you are not living with life, you are living in your mind.”

10. “Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.”

11. “The way you breathe, so you think.”

12. “Life is a journey. The more you travel, the closer you come to your innermost center.”

13. “If you create the necessary conditions, the universe will do the rest.”

14. “Your work is not your life, your work is only a small part of your life.”

15. “The purpose of life is not to know success or failure, but to know life in all its dimensions.”

In The End :-

Featuring Sadhguru’s profound wisdom, this collection of quotes delves deep into self-discovery, spiritual growth, and embracing the mysteries of life. Each quote encapsulates the essence of Sadhguru’s teachings, inviting you to reflect, contemplate and awaken to a higher understanding of existence.

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