78 Positive Funny Thursday Quotes To Make Your Day Happy

Funny Thursday Quotes :- It can be seen that any average person considers Monday to be the worst day. But we have found out that out of every day, the only hard day is only Thursday. This is a day that comes in the middle of the week.

But just because Thursday is boring does not mean that you will not be able to make your Thursday great. The best way to make your Thursday better is to use funny Thursday inspirational quotes. So you keep control in your hands and make your Thursday such an opportunity that your day becomes very pleasant and wonderful. Who says that the best day for new beginnings is only Monday?

Funny Thursday Quotes

1. “Thursday: I can see the weekend from here! #AlmostWeekendVibes”

funny thursday quotes

2. “Thursday is like a speed bump on the road to Friday. Buckle up, the weekend is coming! #FridayEveFeels”

3. “Thursday is proof that life is better with a little anticipation. Bring on the weekend! #WeekendIsCalling”

4. “Thursday: The only day you can feel accomplished for surviving three days of work without completely losing it. #ThursdayTriumph”

5. “Thursday is a reminder that you survived Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You got this! #ThursdaySurvivor”

6. “Thursday – it’s Friday’s younger sibling who still wants to party but has to finish homework first. #AlmostThere”

7. “Thursday: the day to be awesome and prepare for the unstoppable weekend ahead! #AwesomeThursday”

8. “Thursday is a dress rehearsal for the weekend. Practice your happy dance! #DressRehearsal”

9. “Thursday is like that person who shows up at the party but isn’t quite Friday yet.”

10. “Thursday: Making us believe we’re almost there, but not quite!”

Awesome Thursday work quotes with images

11. “If Thursday had a face, it would be the ‘almost Friday’ face.”

12. “Thursday is nature’s way of saying, ‘Almost there, hang in there!'”

13. “Thursday, the day when your coffee needs coffee.”

14. Thursdays are proof that life doesn’t end at 5 PM on a Friday.”

15. “Thursday: The only day that makes ‘prepping for the weekend’ sound exciting.”

Thursday quotes positive morning with images HD

16. “If Thursday had a soundtrack, it would be the ‘Jeopardy’ theme.”

17. “Thursday: the day you officially start making weekend excuses.”

18. “Thursday is the new Friday, just with better manners.”

19. “Thursday, because ‘happy hour’ needs a warm-up act.”

20. “Thursday: The day dreams of weekend adventures become stronger.”

Thirsty work Thursday Quotes with photos HD

21. “Thursday: The day when my weekend to-do list is longer than my work to-do list.”

22. “Thursday: The day I start doing the math on how many hours of sleep I can get before Friday.”

23. “Thursday, because counting down to Friday is a sport.”

24. “Thursday is the day when you secretly hope your boss forgets your existence.”

25. “Thursday: The day I’m already mentally on my weekend getaway.”

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Short Funny Thursday Quotes

1. “Thursday is the day when my weekend radar is on high alert.”

Short Funny Thursday Quotes

2. “Thursday: The day that’s like an appetizer before the weekend feast.”

3. “Thursday is the day when you catch yourself daydreaming about Saturday.”

4. “Thursday: The day when productivity takes a backseat to weekend anticipation.”

5. “Thursday: The day I prepare for a weekend adventure by doing absolutely nothing.”

6. “Thursday: The day when you start mentally drafting your weekend itinerary.”

7. Thursday: The day when I try to squeeze a week’s worth of productivity into one day.”

8. “Thursday: The day when I become a pro at multitasking – work and daydreaming about the weekend.”

9. “Thursday: The day when the struggle to stay focused is real.”

10. “Thursday is the day when I practice my ‘happy weekend’ dance moves in my head.”

Funny thursday quotes for weekends plans with images

11. “Thursday: The day when my to-do list is longer than the week itself.”

12. “Thursday: The day when I wish I could outsource my work to my future self on Friday.”

13. “Thursday is the day when I try to convince myself that I’m a superhero, and the weekend is my reward.”

14. “Thursday: The day when you can see Friday on the horizon, but it’s still too far away.”

15. “Thursday: The day when your inner clock starts ticking loudly, counting down to Friday.”

Thursday Funny Quotes to Inspire with photos new

16. “Thursday: The day when I start forming weekend action plans, which usually involve a comfy couch.”

17. “Thursday: The day when you think, ‘I can adult today, but can I do it again tomorrow?'”

18. “Thursday: The day when I count my blessings and wish for a four-day weekend.”

19. “Thursday: The day when I try to use the ‘it’s almost the weekend’ excuse for everything.”

20. “Thursday is the day when I have 99 problems, and they all start with ‘I need a weekend.'”

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Cute Short Funny Thursday Quotes

1. “Thursday: Proof that Friday is worth the wait! #AlmostWeekend”

Cute Short Funny Thursday Quotes

2. “Who needs a superhero when you have Thursday to rescue your week? #ThursdaySaves”

3. “Thursday is the new Friday in disguise! #AlmostThere”

4. “Thursday: The gateway drug to weekend happiness! #WeekendVibes”

5. “Thursday’s mission: Making sure we survive until Friday! #ThursdaySurvivor”

6. “Thursday: Where optimism meets caffeine! #StayPositive”

7. “Keep calm because Thursday is here to rescue you from the chaos! #StayCalmThursday”

8. “Thursday – because the weekend is worth the wait! #WeekendDreams”

9. “Thursday is the perfect day to be happy and eat cupcakes! #SweetThursday”

10. “Thursday: The day when thoughts turn into weekend adventures! #AdventureAwaits”

meme funny thursday quotes with images HD

11. “Thursday – where smiles meet anticipation! #SmileOn”

12. “Thursday: Bringing sunshine into your week, one smile at a time! #ThursdaySunshine”

13. “On Thursdays, we wear our happy faces! #ThursdayJoy”

14. “Dear Thursday, thanks for being the perfect blend of crazy and awesome! #CrazyThursday”

15. “Thursday: A day to be thankful for coffee, kindness, and the weekend on the horizon! #ThankfulThursday”

motivational thursday funny quotes with image

16. “Thursday: The day when happy thoughts lead to happy endings! #HappyEndings”

17. “Thursday: A day to embrace the chaos and find beauty in it! #BeautifulChaos”

18. “Thursday: The day when silly jokes make the world a better place! #SillyThursday”

19. “Thursday: A day to be as colorful and vibrant as your dreams! #ColorfulThursday”

20. “Thursday: A day to sparkle a little brighter and shine a little longer! #SparkleOn”

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Cute Short Funny Thursday Quotes For Work

1. “Thursday: The day we pretend to work until the weekend rescues us! #AlmostWeekend”

Cute Short Funny Thursday Quotes For Work

2. “Thursday: When coffee is the only colleague you can count on. #CoffeeAndThursdays”

3. “Thursday: The day when caffeine and determination collide! #ThursdayFuel”

4. “Dear Thursday, you’re the reason our office is powered by coffee and dreams of Friday! #CoffeePowered”

5. “Thursday: Where productivity meets daydreaming about weekend plans! #ThursdayDreams”

6. “Thursday: When the office printer knows it’s almost time for a break! #PrinterProblems”

7. “Dear Thursday, you’re our chance to practice patience and perfect the art of pretending to be busy! #PatienceThursday”

8. “Thursday: The day when our desk becomes a playground for sticky notes and daydreams! #DeskPlayground”

9. “Thursday: The day when our inbox overflows, and our patience is put to the test! #InboxOverflow”

10. “Thursday: The day when we realize we need a vacation from the vacation we haven’t even had yet! #VacationDreaming”

full Funny Thursday Quotes Pictures HD

11. “Dear Thursday, you’re the reason our office plants are flourishing – they feed on our hopes for the weekend! #OfficePlants”

12. “Thursday: The day when we celebrate small victories, like finding a matching pair of socks! #SockVictory”

13. “Thursday: The day when we set unrealistic goals for the day and blame it on too much coffee! #CoffeeGoals”

14. “Thursday: The day when we wear glasses not because we need them but to look extra intelligent! #GlassesThursday”

15. “Dear Thursday, you’re the reason our to-do list is longer than Monday’s coffee line! #NeverEndingTasks”

funny thursday inspirational quotes and sayings with images

16. “Dear Thursday, you’re our excuse to have dessert before lunch – we call it ‘pre-celebrating the weekend’! #DessertThursday”

17. “Dear Thursday, you’re our daily reminder that caffeine and laughter can conquer any meeting! #CaffeineLaughter”

18. “Thursday: The day when we navigate the office maze and master the art of dodging small talk! #OfficeMaze”

19. “Thursday: The day when our calendar is a mix of meetings, daydreaming slots, and ‘Is it Friday yet?’ reminders! #CalendarChaos”

20. “Dear Thursday, you’re the reason our office has a ‘laughter quota’ – and we always exceed it! #LaughterQuota”

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Thursday Funny Inspirational Quotes

1. “Thursday: Where dreams meet deadlines and laughter beats stress. #ThursdayTherapy”

Funny Happy Thursday Quotes and Wishes with image

2. “Thursday: Embrace the chaos and find joy in the journey. #ChaosToCalm”

3. “Thursday is a reminder that you survived the toughest days, and Friday is almost here. #AlmostWeekend”

4. “Thursday: A day to conquer challenges with a smile and turn obstacles into opportunities. #SmileThroughIt”

5. “Thursday: Where inspiration meets perspiration, and magic happens in between. #MagicInMotion”

6. “Thursday: The day to turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I will’ and ‘I won’t’ into ‘I’ll try.’ #CanDoAttitude”

7. “Thursday: Where a positive mindset can turn a mountain into a molehill. #PositiveThinking”

8. “Thursday: A day to sparkle a little brighter and shine a little longer. #ShineOnThursday”

9. “Thursday: Where your dreams take flight, and your worries take a back seat. #DreamBigThursday”

10. “Thursday: A day to sprinkle kindness like confetti and spread smiles like sunshine. #KindnessMatters”

Funny Throwback Thursday Quotes image HD

11. “On Thursdays, we turn challenges into opportunities and setbacks into comebacks. #ThursdayComebacks”

12. “Thursday: Where passion meets purpose, and enthusiasm fuels accomplishments. #PassionInAction”

13. “Thursday: A day to be awesome, because you are, in every possible way. #YouAreAwesome”

14. “On Thursdays, let your laughter be contagious, your actions inspiring, and your spirit unbreakable. #InspirationEverywhere”

15. “Thursday: Where your smile can light up the room and your positivity can change the world. #SmileBright”

Funny Thursday Quotes to be Happy on Thursday Morning with photos HD

16. “On Thursdays, we write our own story of success, one positive thought at a time. #OwnYourStory”

17. “Thursday: Where your determination is your compass, and your dreams are your destination. #DeterminedDreamer”

18. “Thursday: Where every challenge you face is a stepping stone to your extraordinary future. #ExtraordinaryThursday”

19. “On Thursdays, we wear hope as our armor, courage as our weapon, and determination as our shield. #HopefulThursday”

20. “Thursday: Where your smile becomes your signature and your kindness becomes your legacy. #SmileForGood”

In The End :-

As we approach the end of the week, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep ourselves motivated and inspired. But by using our funny Thursday quotes, you can make your day very good and the whole day full of laughter, too, with your special someone.

Although Thursday is not such a special day of the week, it has better potential to achieve great things than other days. Also, if you focus on these funny quotes from Thursday, you can make your day come true with some quotes that you can carry with you in the next week. And to get updates on such amazing posts, follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. (Thank you).

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