The 90 Best Funny Cruise Quotes For Instagram

Funny Cruise Quotes : Doing adventurous things is not for everyone; it requires a lot of enthusiasm. If you have recently or previously been on a cruise trip and you enjoyed your trip very much, you must have surely captured your memories in the form of photographs and selfies to keep them fresh as always.

If you decide to post your photos on Instagram, you definitely need some funny quotes and captions that describe your photos and selfies in the words of your experience. If you are searching for cruise quotes online, then we have shared a collection of 90 amazing and funny cruise quotes for Instagram.

So let’s start.

Funny Cruise Quotes

1. “Cruising: the only time it’s acceptable to be lost at sea and still find a buffet. #LostAndHungry”

Funny Cruise Quotes

2. “Cruising is the only vacation where gaining 10 pounds is considered a success. #SeasTheWeight”

3. “Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels. #CruisingComedy”

4. “I’m on a seafood diet. I see food and I eat it… on a floating paradise. #OceanicGourmet”

5. “The only time I go overboard is at the dessert station. #SweetSurrender”

6. “Why did the cruise ship break up with the land? It needed space. #RelationshipGoals”

7. “I cruise because my idea of roughing it is when room service takes more than 10 minutes. #LuxuryStruggles”

8. “Cruising: the only time ‘abandon ship’ sounds like a reasonable diet plan. #ShipShape”

9. “Cruising is the only time it’s acceptable to wear a bathrobe 24/7. #FashionablyLazy”

10. “Why did the pirate go on a cruise? He needed some ‘arrr’ and ‘arr’ relaxation. #PirateGetaway”

Cruise Vacation Humor quotes with images HD

11. “Cruising: where your biggest decision is whether to nap on the deck or by the pool. #SleepSeaRepeat”

12. “Cruise ship elevators: where you learn the true meaning of patience. #GoingUpEventually”

13. “I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman, but have you ever seen me and Wonder Woman on a cruise ship at the same time? #SuperheroAtSea”

14. “Why do cruise ships make terrible comedians? Because their jokes always go overboard. #ShipHumor”

15. “Life is short; take the cruise. Calories don’t count at sea, right? #DietBreak”

cruise Instagram quotes with images HD

16. “Why did the cruise ship apply for a job? It wanted a shore position. #ShipCareer”

17. “Cruising: where my daily schedule involves choosing between a nap and a snack. #NapOrNosh”

18. “I like my cruises like I like my puns: full of sea-rious laughter. #PunderTheSun”

19. “Cruising: the art of avoiding the gym while circling the buffet. #BuffetBypass”

20. “Why did the lobster blush on the cruise ship? Because it saw the salad dressing. #LobsterRomance”

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Funny Quotes About Cruise Ship Buffets

1. “At a cruise buffet, I practice portion control. My portion just happens to be the entire dessert table. #DessertDiplomat”

Funny Quotes About Cruise Ship Buffets

2. “I don’t always go to buffets, but when I do, it’s on a cruise ship, and I treat it like a sport. #BuffetOlympics”

3. “Cruise ship buffet strategy: scout, strategize, attack, repeat. It’s a foodie’s version of chess. #BuffetChess”

4. “Buffet math on a cruise ship: Calories consumed = Vacation happiness. #CalorieLogic”

5. “Cruise ship buffets: where the salad bar is merely a decorative centerpiece for the dessert display. #SaladOrSugar”

6. “I’m not saying I plan my day around cruise ship buffets, but I totally plan my day around cruise ship buffets. #BuffetPlanner”

7. “Cruise ship buffets: the only place where ‘I’ll just have a small plate’ means ‘I’ll need a second small plate.’ #SmallPlateMyth”

8. “My favorite cardio workout is navigating through a cruise ship buffet during peak hours. #BuffetCardio”

9. “The key to a successful cruise buffet experience: stretchy pants and strategic plate stacking. #BuffetAttire”

10. “Cruise ship buffets: where my plate is a canvas, and the food is my masterpiece. #EdibleArt”

Sailing and Sea Life Jokes quotes with images HD

11. “I believe in the power of positive thinking, especially when approaching a cruise ship buffet. #PositiveBuffeting”

12. “Cruise ship buffets: where the only decision more crucial than the food is choosing between forks and spoons. #CutleryDilemma”

13. “I like my cruise ship buffets like I like my novels: with a sequel. #BuffetPart2”

14. “Cruise ship buffet etiquette: take what you can, eat what you must, and strategize your return trip. #BuffetWisdom”

15. “Cruise ship buffets: where the food pyramid is replaced by the dessert pyramid. #SweetStructure”

cruise Humor quotes in Travel and Exploration with images HD

16. “I’m not saying I’m a buffet expert, but have you ever seen me and a cruise ship buffet in the same room? #BuffetWhisperer”

17. “Cruise ship buffets: where ‘all-inclusive’ refers more to the food than the vacation package. #BuffetAllIn”

18. “Cruise ship buffets: where the journey from appetizers to desserts is the real adventure. #BuffetExpedition”

19. “I’m on a seafood diet at the cruise buffet: I see food, and I eat all of it. #SeafoodBuffet”

20. “The real question at a cruise buffet is not ‘what,’ but ‘how much.’ #BuffetQuantumPhysics”

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Cruise Funny Quotes For Couples

1. “Cruising with my better half: where ‘getting lost together’ is not just a metaphor. #LostAndInLove”

Cruise Funny Quotes For Couples

2. “Why go on a cruise with your significant other? Because who else will tolerate your dance moves at the ship’s disco? #DancePartners”

3. “On a cruise with my partner, every sunset is a date night, and every sunrise is a new adventure. #CruiseRomance”

4. “Why do couples love cruises? Because nothing says ‘I love you’ like synchronized sunbathing. #SunshineLove”

5. “Cruising with my significant other: where ‘compromise’ means deciding which onboard activity to do first. #CompromiseAtSea”

6. “Cruising with my love: where the only ‘rocky seas’ are in the onboard spa’s hot stone massage. #SmoothSailingLove”

7. “Why do couples make the best cruise companions? Because they know how to navigate both the seas and each other’s moods. #CruiseCompatibility”

8. “Cruising with my other half: where ‘unpacking together’ is a team-building exercise. #TeamUnpack”

9. “On a cruise, my partner and I have a secret language: ‘Do you want to hit the buffet now or later?’ #BuffetWhisperers”

10. “Cruising with my love: where ‘starry nights’ are not just in the sky but also on the balcony with room service. #StarryBalconyNights”

couple cruise sunshine love quotes with images HD

11. “Why do couples love cruises? Because there’s no better way to test your relationship’s ‘sea legs.’ #RelationshipTest”

12. “Cruising with my significant other: where ‘setting sail’ is the only time we’re okay with getting a little nautical. #NauticalLove”

13. “Cruising with my love: where ‘getting dressed up’ means choosing between the formal night outfits. #DressedUpInLove”

14. “Why do couples enjoy cruises? Because where else can you say ‘I do’ again, renew your vows, and have dessert all in one day? #VowRenewalDessert”

15. “Cruising with my better half: where ‘morning coffee’ is a sacred ritual, and the balcony is our favorite cafe. #CoffeeWithAView”

funny couple cruise foodie love quotes with images HD

16. “Why do couples choose cruises? Because ‘you steer, I’ll snack’ is the perfect division of labor. #SnackAndSteer”

17. “Cruising with my significant other: where ‘getting ready for dinner’ is a joint effort involving formal attire and plenty of laughter. #DressedUpLaughs”

18. “Cruising with my better half: where ‘captain and first mate’ is not just a ship dynamic but also a relationship status. #CaptainAndFirstMate”

19. “Why do couples love cruises? Because nothing says ‘romance’ like a midnight buffet under the stars. #MidnightBuffetLove”

20. “On a cruise, my partner and I have a rule: ‘No stress allowed, only sunscreen.’ #StressFreeSailing”

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Funny Cruise Ship Quotes With Friends

1. “Cruise ship motto: Friends don’t let friends miss the midnight buffet. #BuffetBuddies”

Funny Cruise Ship Quotes With Friends

2. “Sailing with friends: where ‘early morning’ is any time before noon. #MorningMischief”

3. “Why explore the world alone when you can navigate a buffet line with friends? #BuffetBrigade”

4. “Cruise ship philosophy: the more, the merrier… especially at the onboard comedy show. #LaughingInNumbers”

5. “Sailing with friends: where the only drama is deciding which poolside cocktail to try next. #CocktailConundrum”

6. “Cruising with buddies: because ‘me time’ is overrated when there’s a dance floor waiting. #DanceTillDawn”

7. “Why have a selfie stick when you can have a friend with long arms? #SelfieStickBuddy”

8. “Cruise ship rule: Friends don’t judge friends for wearing the same swimsuit three days in a row. #SwimsuitRepeat”

9. “Sailing with pals: where ‘reading a map’ is code for taking a group photo. #MapReadingSkills”

10. “Cruising with friends: because ‘spa day’ means taking turns in the hot tub and telling questionable jokes. #SpaDayLaughs”

friends all time funny cruise quotes with images HD

11. “Why cruise solo when you can have a friend guard your poolside chair while you hit the buffet? #ChairGuardian”

12. “Cruise ship logic: Friends who sunscreen each other stay friends forever. #SunscreenSquad”

13. “Why conquer the water slide alone when you can race your friends to the bottom? #SlideShowdown”

14. “Cruise ship wisdom: Friends who laugh together, stay together… especially at the cheesy cruise jokes. #CheeseAndLaughs”

15. “Sailing with pals: where ‘early bedtime’ means staying up past midnight at the deck party. #MidnightMarathon”

funny friends group cruise vacation quotes with images HD

16. “Cruise ship reality: Friends who get seasick together stick together. #SeasicknessSolidarity”

17. “Why get lost alone when you can have friends to blame for the wrong turn at the buffet? #BuffetBlameGame”

18. “Cruise ship principle: Friends don’t let friends miss the sunrise over the open sea. #SunriseSpectacle”

19. “Cruising with friends: because someone needs to capture the group’s synchronized poolside cannonball. #CannonballCrew”

20. “Why nap alone when you can have a friend to guard your deck chair and wake you up for the ice cream social? #NapWatch”

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Cruise Ship Puns For Instagram

1. “Sailing through life one cruise at a time. #SeasTheDay”

Cruise Ship Puns For Instagram

2. “I’m on a boat, and it’s going down… the buffet line! #BuffetBonanza”

3. “Sea you later, landlubbers! Off to cruise into the sunset. #SailAwayWithMe”

4. “Just trying to stay afloat in a sea of good times. #CruiseLife”

5. “Life is better on a cruise; it’s how I roll on the high seas. #RollingOnTheHighSeas”

6. “In a committed relationship with the ocean. Sorry, dry land. #OceanLove”

7. “Cruising: the only time my stress is on ‘pause’ and my fun is on ‘play.’ #PauseForTheCause”

8. “I’m not a sailor, but I’m definitely on the right ship. #ShipHappens”

9. “Sailin’ and smilin’, that’s my kind of horizon. #SailinAndSmilin”

10. “Sea-esta time: where every day feels like a siesta on the open sea. #Seaesta”

cruise food lovers funny quotes with images HD

11. “The ocean called, and I answered! Now, where’s the buffet? #OceanCalling”

12. “Cruisin’ through the waves and ridin’ the high tide of happiness. #HighTideHappiness”

13. “Sip, sun, sea, and repeat – my kind of vacation mantra. #SipSunSeaRepeat”

14. “Anchors aweigh, worries at bay. Smooth sailing ahead! #AnchorsAweigh”

15. “Navigating the sea of life with a smile and a cocktail in hand. #NavigatingHappiness”

cruise inspirational quotes for couples with images HD

16. “On a scale of one to ship, I’m definitely feeling like a cruise today. #FeelinLikeACruise”

17. “Cruisin’ through life like it’s an endless buffet. Bring on the next course! #BuffetLife”

18. “Living that cruise life – where the only stress is choosing between pool time or beach time. #PoolOrBeach”

19. “Cruising: the art of turning ‘I wish’ into ‘I will.’ #IWishIWillCruise”

20. “Setting sail for a sea-nic adventure. Who’s ready to come on board? #SeaNicAdventure”

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